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Thank You For Coming To Inspired By HER 2020!

Presented by the BeaYOUtiful Organization, Inspired by HER is a city-wide conference FREE to all girls ages 10-14, which is compiled of various workshops focused on confidence, positive body image, artistic therapy, and media literacy education.  


Our goal with this conference is to instil the value of self-worth and self-love in young women, inspiring them to build confidence through acts of passion, kindness, community and connection.

Upcoming Confidence Programs

Trout Lake Community Centre, Vancouver, BC

Roundhouse Community Centre,

Vancouver, BC

Capitol Hill Elementary

Burnaby, BC

"Taylor had asked me to be apart of this movement to guest speak for young girls who are seeking to learn the true meaning of beauty, and self confidence. I had the honour to speak about my experiences growing up on how I dealt with bullying, and how I learned to love my flaws by appreciating what makes me different. I did a raw beauty photo shoot of the girls for them to realize that beauty is not what people see on the outside; beauty is when you are doing what makes you feel alive. I have always seen Taylor as a strong, poise and independent woman. I can’t thank her enough for allowing me to get out of my comfort zone as well to speak to these young girls."


-Jenzel, Photographer Guest Speaker

Jenzel Velo Photography

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