A Registered Canadian Charity, the BeaYOUtiful Foundation works with young girls between the ages of 8-14 providing mentorship programs for those struggling with confidence, lacking self-esteem, or simply looking to build a more positive outlook. BeaYOUtiful works directly with schools and diverse communities throughout greater Vancouver, providing a safe and empowering environment that encourage girls to learn about confidence, and develop a better understanding of their self-worth. BeaYOUtiful implements programs at recreation centres, community facilities, and elementary schools, offering both after-school programming and evening classes. To date, the BeaYOUtiful Organization has positively impacted over 1,200 girls across BC.


This community recognized program targets and tackles multiple subjects divided over five to six weeks. The classes range from learning to balance a healthy lifestyle, media literacy, topics surrounding mental health and bullying, artistic therapy, to addressing key steps towards setting achievable goals. Although each class exemplifies a different life lesson, the same moral is focused on in the end: never forget you are beautiful. Differentiating from other organizations, BeaYOUtiful provides a unique experience being strictly mentorship based focused. Each mentor, aged 18-35, is responsible for the teachings and guidance of the course. The small gap between the age difference of mentors and class participants allows an easier formation of trust and friendship to be born. Personal connections flourish, providing a comfortable transition for the girls to open their hearts and minds to a healthier self. Our mission is to not build a teacher, counsellor, or friendship relationship, but a sisterhood bond to carry on for years to come.


I Want a Girl to Look in the Mirror…
& Feel Beautiful.

This was the ultimate goal when Taylor Hui started the non-profit organization; she wanted a girl to look in the mirror and feel beautiful. The more she immersed herself among children and teens however, the clearer it became that young girls struggle everyday to feel confident in their own skin and admire their physical appearance. At the age of 16, Taylor created BeaYOUtiful. Little did she realize that what started as an underestimated idea, turned into a community recognized organization to educate young girls about the development of self-esteem. Taking the dream to reality, the Taylor and classmate Anthea Zheng had the opportunity to work with an inner-city school in Surrey, BC. After six-weeks of mentoring a classroom of young girls, Taylor and Anthea were exposed to the success displayed from the program. Realizing the potential of the organization and in seeing the vast growth of self-confidence, immediate action was taken towards advancing the program to other young girls in need. With programs enrolled throughout the community, the continuous growth of BeaYOUtiful will provide opportunities for future leaders. BeaYOUtiful is a non-profit, grassroots organization that was originally established as a local community program in 2013. The organization officially became a registered non profit society in 2018.

A one day conference, dedicated to confidence and self-love.

Inspired By HER is a one day extension of the BeaYOUtiful Organization, which provides confidence classes for young girls in BC, focused on positive body image, goal-setting, and building self-esteem.



Helping over 200 young women a year, would not be possible without BeaYOUtiful's incredible sponsors.


99 Nursery &


Tel: 604-816-5224 |beayoutiful@outlook.com

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