Taylor had asked me to be apart of this movement to guest speak for young girls who are seeking to learn the true meaning of beauty, and self confidence. I had the honour to speak about my experiences growing up on how I dealt with bullying, and how I learned to love my flaws by appreciating what makes me different. I did a raw beauty photo shoot of the girls for them to realize that beauty is not what people see on the outside; beauty is when you are doing what makes you feel alive. I have always seen Taylor as a strong, poise and independent woman. I can’t thank her enough for allowing me to get out of my comfort zone as well to speak to these young girls.

— Jenzel, Guest Speaker

Jenzel Photography

"I am so honoured to have been a part of Taylor Hui’s BeaYOUtiful organization. It was such an incredible experience to see all the girls feel confident in their own body’s. I believe it is so important to love who you are from the inside and out. Please join the Forever BeaYOUtiful movement and experience the joy I had in being a part of such an amazing organization

— Principal- Surrey School District

“You have helped me realize that I have to be happy with who I am and that I do matter. You inspire me to be a better person."

— Alyssa, BeaYOUtiful Student

Martha Currie Elementary

— Saide, BeaYOUtiful Student

Bear Creek Elementary

“I really love your program and hope you get into many more schools bc I see how important it is to the young girls to have this special place to gather and talk honestly about any topic and begin to learn about positive self esteem and self love.

The opportunities for you are endless! Happy to be on board.

— April May Bellia, Sponsor and Guest Speaker

Granola Girl

BeaYOUtiful has helped me get through my problems and not be afraid to push and achieve my dreams! Thank you!”

Being able to guest speak with the BeaYOUtiful Organization was such an honour, and I can not wait until my next chance to collaborate with them. The girls who participated in the program were so keen to learn about nutrition, and open to the ideas and exercises I shared with them. The part I loved the most was how respective and encouraging they were of one another to participate. The mentors helped create such a safe space for the girls, where they were able to share and get curious about nutrition, body image and health.

BeaYOUtiful holds a special place in my heart. As someone who struggled with body image and confidence, I believe if I had been involved in a program like this, the support of other girls and mentors would have helped me manage a lot of the self doubt I experienced. With social media, we are always comparing ourselves to others, and wondering if we are good enough, pretty enough, cool enough, and it is programs like this that bring us back to the core values caring about yourself, developing self love, and being present to the people around you. Everyone is in the power to create who they want to be. I hope through my participation with BeaYOUtiful I can instill this concept in young girls, and empower them to be the person they aspire to be.

— Kate Stafford, Guest Speaker

UBC Student

When I was in elementary, I was one of the only little brown-skinned girls in every class and was so embarrassed by my knees that were the darkest part of my legs. Everyone assumed I was Chinese because that was the only Asian ethnicity they knew. This insecurity followed me into high school. It took me until I was in college to LOVE and embrace ALL of me. I wish I had a program like www.foreverbeayoutiful.com to discuss topics like beauty, self-esteem and all other very real issues that young girls face.


I truly believe personal development needs to be as highly valued as all other traditional areas of study are in grade-school. Schools especially need to have rooms that are safe havens for intimate conversations to be had. If we don’t offer these opportunities to girls, they might seek validation and answers from unhealthy sources. As a byproduct, By guiding them in their self-discovering journey we are responding to a host of current matters such as feminism, equality, body confidence, rape culture, and the list goes on. I am so grateful Taylor Hui invited me to be a guest speaker twice this month. These spirited young girls blew me away with their bold confidence and how conscious they already are. These girls are learning the power of their voices and will without a doubt, shatter glass ceilings and be leaders in their communities!

— Janelle, Guest Speaker

Pageant Winner, TV Host, Influencer

Tel: 604-816-5224 |beayoutiful@outlook.com

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