Our Leading Mentors




At the age of 16, Taylor Hui started the BeaYOUtiful program with a specific goal set in-line; to have a girl look in the mirror, and feel beautiful. For a dream that seemed so simple, Taylor experienced first hand the struggles and challenges women face today to feel confident in their own skin. With multiple friends suffering from body-image issues and eating disorders, she knew action was needed to inspire girls about the importance of self-love.

When you can’t find her in business meetings or teaching BeaYOUtiful classes, Taylor works internationally in both the acting and modelling industry. Taylor additionally started a clothing line, The Roster, where proceeds from each sale are donated back to BeaYOUtiful. The Roster is sold in 50+ stores across North America. Taylor recently completed her Bachelors of Communications at SFU.



Kate is a dietetics student at UBC who has a passion for supporting others in developing a healthy relationship with food and positive body image. Through her time working in the modelling industry she saw the pressures that are put on young women and wants to be a role model for others to develop confidence and appreciate their individuality.


BeaYOUitful is the perfect fit, where she is able to work with young girls and guiding them through their journey in finding their best self.   



Iryna has a passion for learning new things, connecting with others, and hearing the stories of the new people she meets. She believes in the importance of empowering young girls to see the beauty and strength within themselves, which is why she became involved with BeaYOUtiful. She is currently in her final year completing a Bachelor of Science with a Biology major at the University of British Columbia, and is pursuing her passion of pediatric health research by working with BC Children's Hospital Research Institute. When not studying, Iryna teaches youth ballet classes at a local dance studio, and performs in a local Vancouver dance company through Harbour Dance Centre.


“The BeaYOUtiful program is a wonderful opportunity to meet and build connections with inspiring individuals. These connections are built on kindness, acceptance, personal growth and go on to become lasting friendships. It has been a joy for me to take part in a program like this because empowering one girl, and giving them the freedom and opportunity to reach their full potential, empowers us all.”



Nicole has a passion for helping people in any way possible. She enjoys traveling and meeting new people.  Currently Nicole is a Psychology major at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.


“This program is life changing, both for the girls I’ve mentored and for me. Growing up I dealt with self esteem issues, instead of talking about it I internalized a lot which really affected me. Had I only had something like Beayoutiful in my life when I was starting to doubt myself I could have seen how powerful and amazing I really am. I want these girls to see themselves as inspirations, as strong women who are capable of so much. This program helps girls talk about their insecurities and feelings in a safe space. It shows them that they’re not alone and it teaches them to embrace and love everything about themselves- even their insecurities. This program really is changing lives and I’m very proud to be apart of it.”



Alyssa Magahis likes to make cheesy jokes and enjoys making music with elders at a local nursing home. She found that through volunteering and helping others, she gained more than just happiness, but she discovered her passion.  Currently, Alyssa is a health sciences student who aspires to become a pediatric nurse.

“It is so hard for girls to be themselves, in a society always demanding them to live up to certain beauty standards. I believe girls should look beyond the physical and materialistic, and find beauty in the courage and kindness in their hearts. The BeaYOUtiful movement is changing girls’ lives and I am so excited to be a part of something so inspirational! BeaYOUtiful aims to ignite a fire in every girls’ soul, and help them to believe in themselves a little more than they did before.” 



Meet Shaiya! As one of our first mentors on the BeaYOUtiful Team, Shaiya radiates self-love, confidence and has a true passion to give back to young girls in the community. She is constantly helping create innovative ideas for the programs, and brings insightful content to help the attendees practice building confidence.


Shaiya currently attends post-secondary, working towards her degree in completing a youth worker program. She loves travelling to new places, going to the spa, and spending time with family and friends. 



Meet Lexi! As someone who radiates warmth and compassion, Lexi is a true inspiration for us all. She has the ability to connect with young girls, helping them navigate their way in building more self-confidence and gratitude. 

Lexi has been a mentor for the program, assisted in social media coordination, and was a Soul Sister for the Inspired By HER Conference. 



Body image & self esteem was something Dani struggled with for the first 22 years of my life. She felt, as most do, that the constant pressures from society and social media have made it almost impossible to love yourself for how you are and for what you do for the world instead of your physical appearance.

“I remember being 10 years old and starting to notice I was bigger then other kids. 10 YEARS OLD! I don’t think we realize how young girls start to compare themselves to others and start being exposed to these “standards” of beauty. Having had a program like BeaYOUtiful at such a pivotal time in my childhood would have changed everything for me, which is why I jumped at the opportunity to be on board and teach these girls what I’ve learnt about self love and positive body image over the course of my life.” 



Meet Karen! An energetic, beautiful soul, Karen has been able to create long-lasting friendships with young women she has taught within the BeaYOUtiful Program. Her positive outlook on life and desire to empower the younger generation of girls in our communities, has made her an integral part of the team.

Not only is Karen one of our leading mentors for over 2 years, but she is also the founder of LEZÉ the Label, a functional and fashionable workwear brand beyond one purpose. After launching on Kickstarter, she continues to strive to create clothing that embodies all types of activities and environments experienced by today's modern working women.



Therés Amee is a Canadian born producer, actress, fitcurve model, emcee/ host, and body image activist. Therés is involved heavily in the film and fashion industries, both behind the scenes and at the forefront.  She has hosted, modeled, and coordinated numerous fashion events including VFW (Vancouver Fashion Week), LA Fashion Week, and Toronto Fashion Week.


Therés has also spoken and partnered with ‘I AM Project You’ and ‘Beauyoutiful_org’ where she teaches the importance of self confidence and body image amongst our youth in today’s overwhelming world of ‘perfect beauty.’  


Therés Amee is the founder of ‘Prowess Productions Inc’ which has partnered with Bloom Productions, Global Womens Empowerment Network, and the Commission of Status of Women.



Ally is the head photographer and videographer at Allyfotografy Media Co. Ally's true passion is content marketing where she creates imagery and video for social media business clients. Ally has recently launched her 1:1 business strategy courses that include information on growing a business, launching and Instagram strategy. 


Ally has been a guests speaker at the BeaYOUtiful program, as well as the official event sponsor videographer at the Inspired By HER Conference. Her remarkable talent to create campaign content has been an motivation for us all, bringing to life the stories of our purpose through visuals and captured moments. 

When she is not working (she is always working) Ally loves to kick back and watch some Netflix with her main squeeze, walk the beach or eat lots of yummy food... while petting her fur pup Bear.



This is the amazing Jana Josue! And although you probably can't pronounce it right on your first try, you will never forget this incredibly talented woman when you meet her! Jana is a self taught freelance photographer in Vancouver who loves natural light and capturing candid moments. She does a little of it all - weddings, family + newborn, lifestyle, event, and product photography. She is also a proud cat mama, a hip hop lover, and another human trying to figure it all out. Creativity is always welcome. 

Jana was the sponsor Inspired By HER event photographer, as well as the dream creative behind the Soul Sister portrait sessions. Her love for giving back to the community is truly inspiring, and we are honoured to have her on our team!




Marishka Kumar is currently a Sociology major at Kwantlen Polytechnic University directing her focus on youth and special needs individuals. Her enthusiasm to be of service to others’ is evident in the quality of customer service she consistently delivers, having acquired effective communication skills, learned to build relationships with the public, and efficiently adapt to changing situations in both individual and large groups.

“I love being a part of this organization. I believe so strongly in everything the program has to offer and I love to be apart of any opportunity to help it grow and develop.”



Born and raised in sunny Tsawwassen, Emily has always had a passion for giving back to young women. She got involved with BeaYOUtiful to support a cause she feels very strongly about from her personal experiences as a youth.

Thank you to all our amazing mentors and volunteers that help make our vision possible. These leading mentors are just a few of the 100+ volunteers on our team!

Tel: 604-816-5224 |beayoutiful@outlook.com

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